Uttar Pradesh’s 1st ever Solar Experience Centre


Uttar Pradesh’s 1st ever Solar Experience Centre, now in Lucknow.

Government of India’s mission to generate 100 GW of solar power till 2020. As Solar energy is found in abundance and is a never ending source of energy, Plans & efforts are being taken to maximize and promote its use to conserve & limit the use of renewable sources of energy.

New contenders Apaar Infrabuild Private Limited, have entered into Solar Business as Authorized Business Partner of India’s No.1 Solar Panel manufacturers, Waaree Energies Ltd.

This is the first showroom of  Solar energy products in Uttar Pradesh, that will showcase all solar products under one roof with the sole motive to help consumers get authentic and genuine solar products and services.

The Programme commenced under the presence of Mr. Nitin Kapadnis, Vice President, Waaree Energies Limited and Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, Director Apaar Infrabuild Private Limited.

Apaar Infrabuild Private Limited focus would be on Solar Industrial and Commercial Rooftop projects, Solar Inverters, Industrial Water heating applications, Solar Water Pumps for Farmers, Various Smart Solar Street lights,Garden lights , LEDs, Solar household products. said Mr. Abhishek Agarwal,
Director Apaar Infrabuild Private Limited.

“We have survived and are continuously growing in the market for the past 10 years, the only reason for that is our quality. We never compromise on quality. This is not just a showroom its an experience centre.” said Mr. Kapadnis.

“Solar products are not expensive. Our main aim is to open showrooms in all districts in India, which will provide employment to around 10,000 people. we will provide regular checks on a charge of Rs.500 – where our person will check and do the required maintenance” said Mr. Agarwal.

“The benefit with using our product is that you have a app with which you can monitor the daily generation. There will be a certain limit for the generation & if it generates less or more means there is some issue so you can track it immediately & get in contact & we will do the rest” said  Mr. Kapadnis.

The main motive is to aware the people & to minimize the use of natural non renewable sources of energy.