Reliance Jio to launch Jio home Tv at just Rs.400 Per Month.


Reliance Jio is believed to launch Jio home TV. According to a report, Jio Home TV will offer SD (Standard Definition) channels for a monthly price of Rs. 200 and SD + HD (High Definition) channels for Rs. 400 per month.

This is believed to be based on Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS).

eMBMS is said to be a hybrid technology that combines the capabilities of TV channel and radio architecture to create a scalable solution for providing HD content in high volumes. Further, an active Internet connection will not be required for accessing this content as most of it will be placed in broadcast mode for offline access. An apparent confirmation from Jio comes through Reliance Industries’ third quarter report that specified the testing of Jio’s eMBMS testing pan-India.