One Show, Many Dreams Unlimited Opportunities Franchise India the SME’s Launchpad.


Lucknow: India’s leading Multi city Business Opportunities Show is now completed its phase in Uttar Pradesh. The cities of Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad & Varanasi experienced the programme that was an initiative taken by Franchise India in 2003. The programme included exhibition, meetings and discussions. It was a one-day Show in each city and it gave a platform a for business-seekers to learn more about franchise opportunities currently available in India.

The event witnessed Business seekers, Franchisors, Startups, Real Estate, Manufacturers, Dealer/Distributor/Stockist/Mega stockist, Suppliers, Ecommerce, Financial companies etc that came together to explore promising business opportunities.” Said Abhinav Jha from Franchise India.

The sectors of Education, Retail, Ecommerce, Food & Beverages, Apparel were all touched with effective participation from all of them.

The event saw an active participation from franchises belonging to different sectors that gave the audience a much wider set of options to look out and choose from. All the franchises had their own USP’s which helped them standout and made the event more special and effective.

Some of the notable franchises that took the major attentions of Investors

BHARAT JAL: A franchise focused on providing filtered water at price as low as Rs.2/glass and Rs.5/Ltr. It is supported by a uniquely designed e-Richshaw water ATM’s which would be placed in remote areas, serving it’s purpose and sales at the same time.

Shokha: A franchise which works on Farm-to-Table concept in a fast growing market. From Fresh Vegetables, dairy products, mean products to egg, it is indeed is a one stop solution. Cutting down mediators, the product not only stays cheap but away from any adulteration too. This way both farmer and customer get value they look for.

eZCom: With world turning more towards the digital path each day, this franchise provides integrated software solutions for Schools and Institutes. integrated software solutions for Schools and Institutes to make the database management as easy as it can get.

Presto: A franchise which stepped up to cater a market which only recently evolved: Personalised gifts. A delivery time of under 20mins made them stand out. Due to their unique and in demand set of products, this franchise got maximum queries.

There was a wide range of exciting preschools franchises too, of which few are…

Aptech Montana: Calling them tech Savy won’t be an overstatement here. With features like Child live view and safety tracker, it’s USP clearly stood out.

Rosewood World: Looking to setup a school? Looking to upgrade a school? Well, this franchise offers many more services giving it a slight edge over others. They are presently looking for opportunities to expand in Allahabad and Varanasi.

WonderKids: A preschool franchise that promotes concept based learning which also inculcates the technology to promote smart learning.

The event was filled with many exciting franchises and it clearly served it’s purpose of providing a platform for business-seekers to learn more about franchise opportunities currently available in India. The main aim of exploring areas and popularizing the concept of entrepreneurship in regions where the brand reach is still in the developing phase.The event not only gave the participants a broader view of the existing market and also showed the opportunities that when worked upon could do wonders for them.

The event had a remarkable impact on the lives of the people and the participants that have already established their brands within their cities and even the ones looking for news ideas to explore.