Engineering colleges – Pros and Cons.


Engineering is one of the most difficult courses to opt for, a few years down the line almost every parent wanted their children to either be an Engineer or a Doctor.

However now the scenario has changed as students are no longer interested in doing Engineering & the biggest reason for this is the High fee & because the amount of jobless engineers in this country is too high. Capable or not, everyone opts for this field only to pass out & learn nothing.

Engineering colleges are in big numbers throughout the country. There are many advantages & disadvantages of Engineering colleges.

Advantages of Engineering colleges – Doing Engineering from a good college will make it easier for you to get interviews & job offers at esteemed companies. You will be given favourable openings & higher remunerations.

The most important thing is that by the time you complete your graduation, you can crack an interview &  already have a great job in hand before you graduate. Also you will have better chances for a startup. Carrying a degree from a reputed college already sets an image of your’s in the eyes of the company you apply.

Disadvantages of Engineering college – If you don’t do your graduation from a reputed or Brand college, the chances of you getting a good job entirely depends on what you do after graduating.

As your college is not a reputed college the Esteemed companies will not take interviews & selections there, chances are there will rarely be any company that will come for the placement. So the pressure is on you to get a good job after graduating.

As the fees paid for your graduation is high you want to recover it as soon as you can. The chances of succeeding is lower if you are not graduating from a good engineering college.

As the number of Engineering colleges has increased a lot over the last decade it is very important to put your money at a place where it is worth putting because putting it in a good college will help you recover it sooner.